Beautiful puppy having fun

Natalie Trathen

" Tom and Sara and Joey’s Doggie Day Care have been such an incredible part of our rescue dog, Aldworth’s life. The fun he has is clearly evident in all the photos they send and they are so dedicated to giving the dogs the best time possible. They are professional, caring and provide such an amazing experience for the dogs. From the first meeting, Aldworth was at total ease with them both which was so wonderful to see as he had had so little opportunity to be around people and dogs since he came to live with us during lockdown. He has learnt his manners, started to learn how to play and his confidence has rocketed since he joined Joey’s. We are so unbelievably grateful for the time and energy Tom and Sara put into the lives of dogs in their care. We have unwavering trust in them and, simply put, cannot find enough words to explain how wonderful they and Joey’s Doggie Day Care are. It’s all about the fun, excitement, learning and joy of being a dog and an owner with a happy one. Perfect. And thank you, Tom and Sara from all three of us 🐾 🐾 "
Little happy dog at day care

Ann Kirby

“ Choosing day care for a lockdown puppy, who has never spent any time away from us, was a challenge. I had read about Joey's and loved the ethos, learning, structure and fun in a big open space. Little did I believe how wonderful the whole experience would be. Tom worked with our dog through separation anxiety, learning manners around other dogs and confidence. She receives limitless love, care delivered with humour, clear guidelines, knowledge and professionalism. Tom and Sara are an extension to our dog's family. She can't wait to be collected from our home and comes home shattered. A one in a kind doggy daycare. We would never send her anywhere else. “
Erik the dog laughing at Doggie Day Care in Dorchester

Clancy Hammond

" Our boy Erik (Pointer) absolutely loves Joey's. We moved down from Maidenhead in December 19 and were looking to match the amazing day care he went to there & were concerned about him going to a “new school” but we needn’t have been. Joey’s is absolutely amazing. It’s like a Go Ape for dogs with beds for the dogs to sleep, showers, relaxing music, the list is endless. It’s a cut above. We trust them to look after Erik like he was their own. Couldn’t recommend more. Also Joey's is run by a fun young couple with loads of energy. They pick up and drop off, send you pictures throughout the day and before you join, they ensure that the right combinations of dogs are put together for the day so they get along. Totally unique service. 11/10 ⭐️ "
Freda enjoying the sensory garden

Zena Olney

" Peace of mind as an owner; happy, contented dog; stimulating, safe environment; positive socialisation and play are only SOME of the aspects of my own dog, Freda, attending Joey’s Doggie Day Care. Tom and Sara have created such a fab facility and I am 110% happy with all of their care, attentiveness and knowledge. Thank you for this provision (thanks too on behalf of Freda). "
Millie running in the grass at Joey's

Rohan Scott

" Tom and Sara are fantastic! They have worked so hard to create a safe, fun and entertaining environment for dogs- and provide an amazing service. Nothing else in Dorchester like it! There are big outside areas for the dogs to play in, cabins with little bed areas and lots of things to keep the dogs entertained like the huge ball pool and interactive garden. The team are so kind and caring, and truly understand dogs. Thank you Joey’s! "
One of our dogs having fun at Day care in Dorchester

Kelly Haggett

" We couldn’t recommend Joey’s enough, wonderful setting and highly professional and caring staff. We’ve been so impressed with the service from the initial contact through to sending Mabel along to Joey’s. Every attention to detail is heartening. Most importantly, as soon as the Joey’s van pulls up in the morning, Mabel is super excited and cannot wait for cuddles with Tom. Says it all! Thank you to Joey’s for the joy you bring. "
Happy Dog enjoying the fort

Matthew Parkinson

" It is without a doubt we could not be more happy for our Henri to go to Joey's Doggie Day Care. Right from the initial consultation we were dealt with clearly and professionally which gave we peace of mind knowing Henri is going to be equally well cared for, entertained and enthused. Henri is always pleased to see Tom and gets so excited as he knows it’s ‘Joey's Day’ . He always comes home tired and ready for a good rest. I think Henri sees Joey's as a blend of his best days out with his best friends doing all the things he enjoys! There is no other place we would choose! Thank you Joey’s! "