Doggie day care or dog walker: Which one is best for your dog?

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Are you looking for a dog walker or doggie day care near Dorchester? Do you work full time? Perhaps you need to work long shifts? Or maybe you just need a little help to ensure your dog gets enough exercise. You’re not alone! Many owners use pet-related services but with so many options available, which one is going to be right for you?

Would doggie day care with it’s all-day activities and social elements get their tail wagging? Or would a friend popping by to take them on their favourite route be more their cup of tea? The choice really comes down to your personal circumstances, the requirements of your dog and your budget.

Is Doggie Day Care Right For You?

Does your dog like to keep busy with toys and games? Is playing with friends one of their favourite activities? Are they full of energy? Do you feel they need more stimulation during the day? Do they chew things in the house (a good sign that they are bored and need extra things to do), or annoy the neighbours with regular barking? Do they miss you when you leave and struggle being left on their own? If any of these sound familiar, you and your dog may be perfectly suited to doggie day care.

Doggie day care is becoming increasingly popular with dog owners all over the UK. The main aim is to provide bucket-loads of fun in a safe and secure environment and keep the dogs entertained and happy for the entire day. It’s a great way to provide woofers with the opportunity to interact and play with other dogs and people for more than just an hour or two, develop their social skills and learn together.

It’s very much like nursery school for dogs. They get individual care and attention, the opportunity to socialise with other dogs in a group and have loads of fun exploring dog friendly environments for the whole day.

“For us, doggie day care was the best fit,” says Pauline Scott in Dorchester, Dorset. We were looking for something that would keep Millie, our Golden Retriever, active for the whole day and give her the opportunity to engage more with other dogs. We were finding that a walk didn’t really tire her out. Joey’s Doggie Day Care provides the stimulation she needs, it’s so lovely to see her play with all her friends, and she can’t wait to jump in the van when they pick her up in the morning!”.

Day care isn’t just for high energy dogs. Many owners choose day care as a great solution for dogs suffering with separation anxiety or behavioural issues at home. If your dog hates being left alone or uses the opportunity to raid the cupboards or chew furniture, doggie day care offers a great way to occupy their day.

Is A Dog Walker Right For You?

Is your dog more of a home body who prefers the sofa and TV than the great outdoors? Do they become overstimulated and tire easily? Do they have limited mobility or prefer their own company? If this sounds more like your pooch, then a dog walker may be the best option.

Dogs that have special medical needs or don’t always get along with other dogs may be better suited to a dog walker. The one-to-one set up with a walker provides greater flexibility and the opportunity to take them out alone or in a much smaller group. The level of exercise can be tailored to their specific physical limitations such as a slow meander over a shorter distance for older dogs.

Not every dog enjoys company and I often walked dogs with social issues before we opened the day care centre. By finding quiet, hidden away spaces, it gave them the opportunity to explore and have fun without the stress of bumping into other dogs. Not something that day care could accommodate.

Hiring a professional dog walker who understands dog body language and behaviour is also a great option for nervous dogs too. With the right skills and patience, a knowledgeable carer can help your dog build confidence slowly, with the security of a familiar walking route and the comforts of home.

Why Choose between Doggie Day Care & A Dog Walker At All?

Wouldn’t it be nice if our dogs have a bit of variety throughout the week? Many of our customers simply split the week to give their pup the best of both worlds. Why not send your dog to day care once or twice a week and have a dog walker visit on the days they’re at home.

Your pooch will get all the benefits of the day care centre, a full day of fun in the perfect doggy environment as well as the more relaxed duvet days at home. This goes a long way towards easing any frustration experienced on the days they may need to spend more time indoors.

Whichever you choose, Dorchester has some fantastic options!

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