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The Doggie Day Care Centre

Welcome to our Happy Place!

Live in Dorchester or the surrounding villages? Our doggie day care centre offers an amazing day out for pups to explore, make new friends or just relax & enjoy some quiet time.

Located at Dewflock Farm in Winterborne Monkton, we're less than 2 miles from Dorchester town centre. This means less travel & more play time!

Surrounded by beautiful farmland & jam packed with new things to discover, there is always something to keep noses twitching & tails wagging!
An amazing day

With special friends

Every dog in our care is part of the Joey's family and our mission is to give the same love, care & attention you provide at home.

Our guests are never left unsupervised & our play groups stay consistent each week so each pup always has their favourite friends to play with.

Our Centre

All the fun stuff...

Joey's is a Doggie Day Care Centre with a difference! We're dedicated to providing the ultimate happy place for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Somewhere safe to spend the day with friends, explore the natural environment and enjoy their favorite pawsome activities.

We've created the perfect place to get paws exploring, brains whirring & tails wagging! Joey's is all about making new friends & discovering a world of fun!

Visit our Facebook page! to see more pictures of all the pups having fun!
Filled with lots of dog friendly plants and herbs, this is the place to relax in the sun or choose your favorite smell. Mint, Rosemary, or Thyme perhaps?
Why have one ball when you can have thousands?!! Dive right in and grab as many as you like!
Whose the king of the castle?!! The only way to find out is to cross the series of bridges and platforms and check out the view from atop the fort.
After a busy morning of adventuring, take a nice nap in one of the cabins, chose a bed or have a cuddle with friends and nod of to relaxing mood music.
Cool off in the summer with a dip in the splash pool or maybe channel your inner kangaroo on the trampolines.
Located on Dewflock farm in Winterborne Monkton, we're incredibly lucky to have such a beautiful area with lots interesting sounds and smells near by.
The Doggie Bus

Are you in our Catchment area?

We provide a convenient home pick-up and drop-off service so you can leave for work safe in the knowledge that your dog is going to have a great day!

Our Doggie Bus' interior has been custom fitted to make sure every visitor has a safe journey to the farm. There are a selection of crates to suit all sizes with air conditioning & comfy beds for snoozes while we travel.

We pick up from...



Interested in Learning more?

Why not get in touch and book a welcome visit! We can show you round the centre and answer any questions.