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Such a Special Place

Welcome to our Doggie Day Care in Dorchester. We're a bit different from your typical day care service as we're not here simply to look after your dog, but to provide an amazing experience bursting with enrichment, adventure, education & love.

Whether it's our nap times with soothing music & cuddles, the fact that each playgroup stays consistent with the same friends, or the careful balance between active play, relaxation & training...

Joey's is a place dedicated to their happiness, it just so happens that's also what brings us ours
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Consistent Play Groups

We believe having the same friends each week is incredibly important for the pups. Everyone in the playgroup gets to build trust, learn more about each other time & create long lasting relationships.
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Individual Training & Advice

You're not just joining a day care, your becoming part of the Joey's family. This means we're there to provide expert advice, support your training efforts or even offer one to one sessions should you need them.
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In-depth Assessment Process

This includes an initial phone consultation, a welcome visit, a behavioural test & a trial afternoon. This means we understand each dog's individual needs & can match them with the most suitable playgroup before joining the fun.

Natural Enrichment

Being surrounded by beautiful countryside & situated on a working farm, Joey's provides a natural sensory adventure like no other. Dogs explore the world with their nose & we have a rainbow of new smells to discover.

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Meet The Team

"Our Jack Russell, Joey, was the inspiration for everything! He completely changed our lives & started us on our amazing journey building our dream. "

- Tom & Sara Buxton
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