Please note - We are not taking on any new dog walking clients at present due to the opening of our purpose built day care centre at Dewflock Farm in Dorchester! - Watch the video for more information on the ultimate day out for dogs! 


Dog Walking in Dorchester & surrounding areas – We can tailor walks to meet your requirements, from relaxed walks for older dogs in need of a bit of fresh air to adventure trails designed to meet the needs of the hi-energy runners and jumpers!

Dog walking is an important part of keeping your dog healthy and provides both mental and physical stimulation to promote a happy, balanced dog. New walks, new smells and new adventures are a great way to keep things interesting & fun, we are happy to provide either Group or Solo walks depending on your preference.

We not only cover Dorchester but can also pick up from Maiden Newton, Littlebredy, Charminster, Bradford Peverell, Stratton, Grimstone, Muckleford, Lower Burton, Fordington, Stinsford, West Stafford, Lewell, Whitecombe, Winterbourne Came, Winterbourne Herringston, Winterbourne Monkton, Martinstown, Winterbourne Steepleton, Winterbourne Abbas.



dog walking
dog walking


This is all about socialising, making new friends, exploring & having lots of fun! Our group dog walks are typically an hour long & we keep groups small, with no more than 4 dogs walked together. In addition, we always look to match energy levels & personalities in a group so everyone feels comfortable with their walking buddies.

We'll pick up & drop off your dog in our air conditioned "Doggie Bus" which is fully-equipped with secure spacious cages & snuggly beds making sure your dog travels in comfort & style. We ask that you provide a towel by your door so we can clean those with muddy paws & bellies!

– Great for socialisation & group play

– No more than 4 dogs in a group

– Games & fun challenges  

– Individual attention 

– A mix of locations and environments

– On or off lead

Joey's Doggie Day Care & Adventure Park - Countryside
Joey's Doggie Day Care & Adventure Park - Countryside


Does your dog prefer their own company? Perhaps they are a little apprehensive of others? Or maybe they have special needs that require a more one-to-one approach. No problem!

We are happy to walk your dog, just the two of us. They'll enjoy the same fun, interaction & care they would receive from a group walk but with a focus entirely on them & their enjoyment of the walk. With more time dedicated just to them, we can even combine specific exercises & games to provide a new set of fun challenges or help with basic training such a lead work or recall.

– Great option for anxious or fearful dogs

– One-to-one tailored walk

– Games & fun challenges  

– Opportunity for basic training 

– A mix of locations & environments

– On or off lead

Joey's Doggie Day Care & Adventure Park - Countryside
Joey's Doggie Day Care & Adventure Park - Countryside


Do you walk your dog already but would like someone to pop in & check they are ok during the day? Maybe they need specific medication or care at lunchtime? Or you need someone to transport your loved one to the vet?

We are always happy to help in any way we can, even if it's simply to provide some company while you're at work. We can pop by & let them out for a toilet break, provide lunch, play games in the garden, take them to an important vet appointment, drop them to a friends house to play or simply cuddle up with them on the sofa for a while.

Give us a call & we can have a chat about how we might be able to help.

– Playtime in the garden

– Toilet breaks 

– Providing medication or food 

– Basic training at home

– Dog Taxi service

– Or simply cuddles & company

First Aid

We understand that dogs are not just pets, they are members of your family & so we take great pride in delivering a uniquely personal service. Every dog in our care is part of the Joey family & our mission is to provide the same love, care & attention you provide at home.

We love what we do & your dogs well being and happiness is our top priority. That's why we are not only experienced dog owners ourselves but have completed courses in both canine first aid & dog psychology and behaviour. We talk dog! So we can always ensure your best friend is happy & feeling comfortable & safe.

Learn more about Dorchester's First Ever Adventure Park & Day Care Centre Built Just For Dogs Here!

Did you know?

The word terrier comes from the Middle French “terre, derived from the Latin word for earth, as these dogs were bred to hunt animals underground.

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