Don't hesitate to get in touch with any queries you may have, we are always happy to help.


PHONE:      07760 176 495

EMAIL:      info@joeysdoggiedaycare.co.uk

Day Care is open on Tuesday and Thursday currently.

We spend all day with the dogs so we can't always answer the phone. Please leave a message with your name and contact details and we'll get back to you.

If you would like to enrol, please fill in the application form below and we will be in touch to discuss how we can help.

Please note - All new dogs will be required to pass an initial behaviour assessment. This is to ensure only friendly, sociable dogs are accepted and also provides the opportunity to understand their personality and whether your dog would be suited to day care. The enrolment assessment costs £20, you can find out more by clicking here

"Peace of mind as an owner; happy, contented dog; stimulating, safe environment; positive socialisation and play are only SOME of the aspects of my own dog, Freda, attending Joey’s Doggie Day Care. Tom, Julie and Sara have created such a fab facility and I am 110% happy with all of their care, attentiveness and knowledge. Thank you for this provision (thanks too on behalf of Freda)."
Zena Onley
"We couldn’t recommend Joey’s enough, wonderful setting and highly professional and caring staff. We’ve been so impressed with the service from the initial contact through to sending Mabel along to Joey’s. Every attention to detail is heartening. Most importantly, as soon as the Joey’s van pulls up in the morning, Mabel is super excited and cannot wait for cuddles with Tom. Says it all! Thank you to Joey’s for the joy you bring"
Kelly Haggett


Dog splashing in pool

  • Totally Secure Site. Set in acres of fields where you dog can roam free.

  • Mains Water, Heating & Shower Facilities. All the creature comforts you would expect.

  • Heated Log Cabins. With a selection of warm snuggly beds & blankets.

  • Dedicated Small Dog Area. Separated from the main field so they can enjoy things at their own pace.

  • Dog Playground. Splash pool, ball pit, tires, agility platforms & sensory garden.

  • Organised Games & Activities. Treat hunting, bubble parties, frisbee & ball games

  • Fully Equipped Dog Bus. Kitted out with crates, air conditioning & beds so our guests travel in style.

Did you know?

A dog’s whiskers — found on the muzzle, above the eyes and below the jaws — are technically known as vibrissae. They are touch-sensitive hairs than actually sense minute changes in airflow.

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