Set in the glorious West Dorset countryside, a specially built canine paradise, where all friendly dogs are welcome, no matter how big or small.

Joey's Doggie Day Care - view from the park

Everything at Joey's Doggie Day Care has been laid out with your dog's comfort and care in mind.

The site is located just outside of historic Dorchester, less than 2 miles from the town centre. This means less travel and more play time! Surrounded by beautiful farmland, the Park covers over an acre of grass meadows with secure fencing all the way around the perimeter.

There are heated cabins, for chill out and nap times, agility equipment including platforms, tyres and benches. A splash pool for the water lovers, a ball pool and even a sensory garden. We've also invested in a state of the art Eccotemp shower to ensure that even the muddiest among us can have a warm shower before returning home.

We hope to add more to the park as we grow and have a number of ideas to make it even more fun!

  • Totally Secure Site. Set in acres of fields where you dog can roam free.

  • Mains Water, Heating & Shower Facilities. All the creature comforts you would expect.

  • Heated Cabins. With a selection of warm snuggly beds & blankets.

  • Dedicated Small Dog/Puppy area. Separated from the main field so they can enjoy things at their own pace.

  • Dog Playground. Splash pool, ball pit, tires, agility platforms & sensory garden.

  • Organised Games & Activities. Treat hunting, bubble parties, frisbee & ball games.

  • Fully Equipped Dog Bus. Kitted out with crates, air conditioning & beds so our guests travel in style.

Joey's Doggie Day Care - dog walking
Joey's Doggie Day Care - dog looking at camera
Joey's Doggie Day Care - dog with ball
Joey's Doggie Day Care - dog with toy
"I've known Tom for years and ever since he was small he's always been passionate about dogs. Just brilliant with our bouncy Boxers and the transformation in Joey from little terror to well balanced happy chappie was wonderful to see."
Hannah Campbell
"The park is an amazing idea! I know Tom & Sara take dog welfare really seriously so their plan to provide a doggie day care service that gives dogs an entire day out is fantastic."
Jessica May

What area do we cover ?

Our aim to keep the journey time for our guests as short as possible to maximise the time at the park. Unfortunately, this does limit our ability to offer the service to everyone. Please check on the map to see if you live within the catchment area.

Joey's Doggie Day Care - Map

Did you know?

There are 213 dog breeds recognised by the Kennel Club (UK), divided into 7 different classes: Hound, Working, Gundog, Terrier, Utility, Pastoral, and Toy. – According to a recent survey, the most popular name for a dog is Max!

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