Joey’s Doggie Day Care & Adventure Park provides the ultimate day out for dogs.

Set in the glorious West Dorset countryside, a specially built canine paradise, where all friendly dogs are welcome; no matter how big or small.

Hectic work schedules & busy family lives make it increasingly difficult to find the time to provide your dog with the right balance of exercise, play & socialisation. That’s exactly why Joey’s Doggie Day Care & Adventure Park was built, to offer not just a walk in the park but a whole day of fun.

The centre is a family run business set up by Dorchester residents Tom & Sara Buxton. They have always had a passion for dogs with a particular interest in canine psychology & behaviour. Their tireless Jack Russell, Joey (that's him in the pics), provided the inspiration for a more complete day care service after wearing out local dog walkers with his boundless energy. 

Serving Dorchester & surrounding villages, the purpose-built park offers a safe place for your furry friend to explore. Providing entertainment, social interaction, play & development.

Dorchester's first ever Day Care Centre Built just for dogs!
Dorchester's first ever Day Care Centre Built just for dogs!

The day begins when the “Doggie Bus” arrives to pick up your dog, transporting them to the day care centre at Dewflock Farm. Once there, your pooch can enjoy acres of farmland with swimming pools, agility equipment, heated log cabins for snoozing in as well as toys & games organised by the team throughout the day.

Our guests are never left unsupervised & with small play groups, everything in our day care facility has been designed with your dog’s comfort & safety in mind. In addition, the entire park is fully fenced & checked daily to ensure even the owner of the most prolific escape artist has no need to worry.

We understand that dogs are not just pets, they are members of your family & so we take great pride in delivering a uniquely personal service. Every dog in our care is part of the Joey family and our mission is to provide the same love, care & attention you provide at home.

Give your best friend the perfect day at Joey's Doggie Day Care & Adventure Park. A chance to meet new friends, play games or just relax in a safe environment built just for them.

Why Book With Us?

Joey's Doggie Day Care & Adventure Park - Assessment


The well-being of our canine guests is our top priority at all times. In order to ensure the highest levels of safety and comfort for the group, we visit all potential new dogs and their owners at home before they are accepted.

There is nothing you need to prepare and we aren't there to judge the level of training your dog has received. Instead, it's an opportunity to look at how your dog behaves in his or her natural environment, answer any questions you may have and discuss your dog's individual needs.

The evaluation not only ensures only friendly, sociable dogs are accepted but also determines if your dog would be suited to a day care environment. The most important thing is that your dog enjoys their day and like humans, not everyone enjoys being in a group.

The assessment typically takes an hour and consists of a discussion about your pets history, current exercise routine, any behavioral or medical issues and any special requirements. This is followed by a series of exercises that are designed to help us evaluate their temperament (sharing toys, treats etc). Once these are complete, we'll go for a short walk (ideally with you) to assess their interaction with other dogs.

If they pass the initial assessment, they will be invited for a taster afternoon at day care and if they have fun and integrate well with the group, they can become a full Joey's pack member.

* Please note - There is a one-off enrollment/assessment fee of £20.

Joey's Doggie Day Care & Adventure Park - Countryside


We wanted to create a stimulating, safe & enjoyable play centre for the dogs that also enabled us to keep a watchful eye on everyone in our care at all times. Somewhere they could go for the day & feel comfortable, interact as much or as little as they like and enjoy all benefits of the wonderful Dorset countryside.

The park is fully secure, surrounded by farmland on the outskirts of Dorchester and covers over an acre of grass meadow for the dogs to run in. There's a heated cabin, split into two rooms for chill out and nap times, agility equipment including platforms, tyres and benches. A splash pool for the water lovers, a ball pool and even a sensory garden!

You can find out more about the park by visiting our Adventure Park Page here.

– Constantly Supervised

– Mains Water & Shower Facilities

– Multiple Play Areas

– Giant Tyres & Agility platforms 

– Fully Secure Site

– Heated Log Cabin

– Splash & Ball Pools

– Organised Games & Activities

Joey's Doggie Day Care & Adventure Park - Dog Bus


Mornings can be hectic, we know what a challenge it is to get everything organised on time! That's why we provide a convenient home pick-up and drop-off service to help keep things simple. You can even provide us will a key to your home which gives you the freedom to leave for work safe in the knowledge that your dog is going to have a great day.

All the dogs at Joey's Doggie Day Care travel in style! Our Doggie Bus's interior has been custom fitted to make sure every visitor has a smooth and safe journey to the park. There are a selection of crates to suit large, medium and small dogs, blankets so everyone is warm and toasty as well as air conditioning for the summer months if the sun is shining.

* We take security very seriously and have enhanced DBS (formally CRB) checks completed for any of staff that pick up guests from their home. All keys are stored in a secure location and insurance for key loss is included in our policy.

Joey's Doggie Day Care & Adventure Park - Trained staff


All of us are experienced dog owners and understand how important it is to know that your pet is safe and in good hands.

We love dogs, its why we do what we do, but we also believe that education and training are incredibly important. The team are always looking to develop their knowledge of dog care, first aid and canine behaviour. Not only does this ensure we are providing the best possible environment for the dogs while they are in our care, but also allows us to offer support and help to owners.

Staff members are trained in Dog First Aid as well as Dog Psychology & Behaviour before they begin caring for any dogs, it's our aim to set the highest standards of care in the industry.

Did you know?

The Poodle haircut was originally meant to improve the dog’s swimming abilities as a retriever, with the pom-poms left in place to warm their joints.

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